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Spider and cobweb, which he wove
    I must say spiders weave their networks at different speeds and no two spider webs with the same pattern, as no two snowflakes. Spider medium size takes about an hour to spryast complex trapping network of silk fibers. The circular network is very similar to the wheel and consists of concentric circles with spokes extending from the center. Trapping weave a network of many types of spiders, and are best seen on the network morning dew. Cobweb spiders need to catch prey. The circular network is the most effective because it covers the largest area with minimal silk. Spider silk is five times stronger than steel and twice as strong as the new heavy-duty implanting artificial fiber Kevlar. Spider silk can stretch to 30 percent without any break. Therefore the web is very, very flexible. Usually every day spider spins a new network in order to preserve the maximum of its stickiness and ability to hold prey. During the day, the spider also need to regularly repair damaged threads its network.