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Subways various cities of the world
The Metropolitan in London

The oldest and largest underground in the world is located in the capital of the UK - London. There it is called "subway". In 1863 was started the first subway line.
The total length of 11 lines is 407 km, and every day the London Underground carries more than four million passengers.

Subway in China

Metro plans to increase Beijing - the capital of the People's Republic. If this happens, the 2020 London subway relinquish Beijing (561 km) on the first length.

New York subway

In second place after London is New York. It was put underground in 1904. Its length is 369 km. Every day they are 4.9 million passengers, making it one of the ten busiest meiropolitenov in the world, among which the subways of London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and Mexico City.

Metropolitan Paris

The second-oldest subway, commissioned in 1900, is located in Paris. There are 214 km of track and 389 stations.

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro carries the most passengers - about 8.2 million a day. The main part of the Moscow metro runs underground. But some lines cross the bridges of the river, and from the train offers scenic views of the Moskva River and Yauza.