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The cause of the phenomenon of hiccups
Hiccups - a sound that your body produces when the diaphragm (muscle wall between zheledkom and chest cavity) is irritated and starts convulsively sokraschatsya. At first, air is sucked into your lungs, and then the epiglottis, a special valve that is between your tongue and vocal cords with flapping closes the windpipe. Can irritate your diaphragm is too large amount of food that makes crowded stomach pressed against the muscle of the wall. In addition, the aperture can be annoying heavy lifting or inhaling too much air, which disrupts normal breathing rhythm. Hiccups can last a minute or two, and eventually usually goes away on its own. Holding your breath, drinking water or scare rarely eliminate the hiccups, because the diaphragm need some time to relax again.