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The difference between spiders and insects
     Many people find spiders insects, but in fact they are two different types of arthropod class, to which I must say, also includes mites, and scorpions Opilliones. In arachnids many similarities with the related insects, but they tend to lack antennae on his head. Furthermore, spiders eight legs of insects is only six. Spider body divided into two segments, the body is composed of three insects segments. flying spiders In general, spiders do not have wings, in consequence, the really fly, they can not. However, some type of spiders have learned to travel long distances through the air, like balloons. To do this, spiders produce long silk threads, which are picked up by the wind and carry a spider on air currents. Spiders - balloonists can fly through the air at hundreds of miles and sometimes rise to unimaginable heights up to 800 meters. Once a spider was found at a height of four and a half miles!