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The largest and the smallest town

Probably the smallest town in the world - Ferdaniya is in Saudi Arabia. It even has its own police station, market, school, gas station, medical aid, and about 12 houses. If you believe the "Guinness Book", the smallest town in the world is located in Croatia and called Hum. Naselneie this item is only 24 people. The history of this tiny town is from the Middle Ages, on the one hand it is limited to high towers and ramparts, and on the other - the outer walls of houses. But the most smallest city in the United States, shall Mays in Towner County, North Dakota. The population of this town, founded in 1893, according to the 2000 census was just merely 5 people.

The largest city

I must say that in the world quite a lot of big cities, if you count only those cities with a population of over 10 million people, ie megacities. The biggest metropolis is Tokyo, capital of Japan, which in 2005 was 33.2 million inhabitants.
(Читайте также Тактильные ощущения) For Tokyo to be the Brazilian Sao Paulo (17, 7 million), South Korea's Seoul (17 5000000), mekskansky Mexico City (17.4 million), Japanese agglomerate Osaka-Kyoto-Cobo (16.4 million) and the American New York City (about 8 million).
In the United States after New York is Los Angeles, CA (about 4,000,000 inhabitants) and then Chicago (almost 3 million inhabitants). The population of the city is constantly changing as people come and go.

Cities metropolitan areas

Large city (often capital) includes not only the city but also many suburbs that is located near population centers, which often merge with the outskirts of the city. Just a city - it's a location that is more urban village (population of the village is usually 2500 - 20,000 inhabitants). Metropolis nazyvatsya agglomerate several goorodov and villages with a total population of over 10 million people.