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Trademark of Coca Cola

On the trademark of Coca was January, 31, 1893 registered - Cola(№3 in the list of the most influential brands of Forbes). History of drink began as early as 1886, when a doctor John Pemberton cooked restorative syrup. "Medicine" he took in a pharmacy and sold to his mixed with a soda for 5 cents for glass. In extreme moments in 1888 of Pemberton sells rights on Coca - Cola to the chemist Азе Кэндлеру, that went away from pharmaceutics and fully concentrated on producing of already becoming popular soda pop. And in 1892 was founded The Coca - Cola Company. In a year after registration of trademark of Кandler decides that a soda pop needs to be sold in-bottle. In 1919 of action of company appear on the New York exchange stock. Today Coca - Cola is one of the most knowable brands in the world.