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Types of existence of matter
     A border between the organized and lifeless matter seems insuperable. But scientists do not stop to search a loop-hole in her.
A transfer and treatment of information in computers and other clever devices take place due to motion of electrons. The transmission of nervous impulses in a human organism comes true by means of ions or protons. Therefore for connection with the living organism of computer or, for example, prosthetic appliance a translator or interface is required the family.
However any intermediate equipment, be that a simple keyboard or most difficult sensor for transformation of nervous impulses to the electric signals reduces a fast-acting and exactness of information transfer.
     Creation of the biological computers built on different from silicic electronics principles, while remains destiny of fantasies. There is to think of an interface able to transform ionic signals in electronic and vice versa. And something is already done.
     The American scientists tested the first transistor on the base of polymer: electrodes from the hybrid of palladium connected a bridge from a chitosan(substance got from armours cancroid). Such " креветочный" transistor allows by means of electric-field to manage motion of protons. Id est to carry out direct connection between electric and biological the systems.
Development of such technologies will allow to the man to set a direct contact with a computer. Only what it will result in, nobody can not say. Whether that possibilities of man will grow repeatedly, whether that the tsar of nature will become the performer of electronic will of computer brain only.