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Very cool boy

     A little boy very wanted $100 and prayed during two weeks, but nothing turned out. Then he decided to write a letter to God in that asked to send $100 to him. When on mail got a letter, with an address " to God", they decided to mail this letter in Kremlin :) 
     In Kremlin were so touched, that instructed a helper to send to the boy of $10, saying that for a little boy and it will show oneself a tremendous amount.
     A boy was in raptures, when $10 got, and sat down here, to write an answer: "Expensive God! Enormous to you thank you for money that you me sent to. On a rubber stamp on an envelope I understood that on some reasons you forced to send them through Moscow... you know these swindlers, they on habit took there is 90% to itself. Money came straight :)