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What is the difference between a crocodile and alligator
    Crocodiles - Scale predatory reptiles that include crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gavials - are descendants of archosaurs that lived on the earth with the dinosaurs. Modern crocodiles - it is semi-aquatic predators, little changed since the Triassic period. Alligators are somewhat larger crocodiles. Wild alligator can grow to a length of 4 m and weigh up to 270 kg. In addition to the magnitude easier to distinguish between crocodiles and alligators on the snout. At the crocodile's snout is very long, narrowed and has the shape of a V. Upper and lower jaws of crocodile is almost the same width, so his teeth are closed and remain visible, even when the mouth is closed. An alligator's snout broad and has the form of U. Its powerful jaws enable him to see through even the turtles that make up the bulk of its diet. Unlike the crocodile from an alligator upper jaw is wider bottom, and when it closes mouth, lower teeth come in the pit of the upper jaw and hidden from view. The only place in the world and home to crocodiles and alligators, - South Florida.