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What kind of insect mantis
     Mantis, or as it is called "predatory camoufleur" big predatory insect that lives in the edges with a warm climate. Once upon a Chinese and European mantis was brought to the north-east of the United States about 70 years ago to combat various pests on farms and orchards. They belong to the few creatures that can turn its head so to look back, which makes them extremely efficient hunters. Lying in wait for prey, the mantis takes a strange position.   (читайте также Как лечить головную боль) It is very similar to human hands folded in prayer. He grabs its prey with powerful front legs and quickly tearing it apart. Mantis almost always eat their prey alive and usually start from the neck to quickly put an end to the fight. The diet of these predators include many insects - other mantises, various beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers, crickets and spiders as well. But that's not the whole list. Mantis eating small tree frogs hummingbirds, lizards, mice and other small animals. As the mantis constrain the size of various insect pests, damaging crops in every way, they are very useful for agriculture as a whole.