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Why foods are cooked in the microwave so fast
Why foods are cooked in the microwave so quickly? Unlike other ovens that cook food using heat waves from the burning gas or electric current to cooking in a microwave oven using a special range of electromagnetic energy, which is called the microwave. Heat waves penetrate into the interior of foods gradually, and microwaves do it instantly. In microwave device called a magnetron emits microwave beam. This beam impinges on rotating blades that reflect microwaves in all directions. When the microwaves pass through the products, they are absorbed by water molecules. These molecules begin to vibrate with the same frequency as microwaves (2.45 billion times a second), and rub against other molecules. At movement and friction molecules lot of heat, and the food is prepared at the same time inside and outside. Cooking in a microwave oven is similar steamed, so browned on products not produced. However, in some microwave ovens have a traditional heating elements that make food more attractive and familiar in appearance, podrumyanivaya her outside.

Some materials are transparent to microwaves (in other words, they are not heated by microwaves), others absorb microwaves, others reflect them. So we should be careful using those or other containers and coverings for cooking in a microwave oven. For example, microwaves pass through the glass and plastic wrap, so that the material is safe as well as paper products, or many kinds of plastics. However, metal utensils and aluminum foil reflect microwaves. They do not allow microwaves to penetrate into the food, and those recorded in the inner space of the furnace. As a result, the oven can be damaged.